Summer Curls 101: How to Protect Your Hair as Temperatures Rise

Summer Curls 101: How to Protect Your Hair as Temperatures Rise

We all know that winter can be a tough time for curls. The harsh winds and dry air can make it difficult for our hair to retain moisture, causing all sorts of damage, from split ends to breakage, dryness and frizz. So when summer finally rolls around, we’re supposed to rejoice that the happiest (and healthiest) time of the year for our curls has arrived…right?


While cold weather provides the aforementioned obvious signs that hair needs some TLC, the summer sun can be a little sneakier with its damage.

But just as our curls can go through a lot when temperatures drop, summer curls can suffer, too, especially when temperatures skyrocket. But you’ll never catch us hating on a heat wave (not after our brutal Canadian winters), so we’re sharing a few ways to keep your summer curls fresh and protected so you can get out and enjoy the hot, hot heat.😎

1. Protect Your Summer Curls From The Sun

You might notice that after spending some time in the sun, parts of your hair can look lighter than they did before. Now you might love these annual DIY highlights, but this discoloration can be a sign of sun damage. (We know—we hate to be the bearers of bad news.) You already know how harmful UV rays can be for your skin, but did you know that the same applies to your curls, too? The sun’s rays affect your hair in a similar way as bleach (!!), meaning that sun exposure damages the cuticle and removes melanin and colour—hence the lightened strands. This can even make you more prone to split ends, brittle strands and frizz. And as with bleach, those with finer, lighter or already colour-treated hair are most susceptible to damage from the sun.

So how can you protect your summer curls from sun damage? Ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera (both of which are included in our Deep Condition & Repair formula) feature some levels of natural sun protection, but it’s always a good idea to cover up when spending time in the sun—both for the health of your skin and your hair. A big floppy hat or our LUS (Love Ur Self) Satin Scarf can provide some extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

And don’t forget to protect your scalp from the sun, too, especially if your hair is low in density and your scalp is more visible and prone to burning. You can use your fingertips to massage a small amount of sunscreen into your scalp before heading out the door. Opt for a lightweight, oil-free formula to avoid a greasy finish at your roots.

2. Take Care of Your Curls While You Swim

Do you actually pay attention to the signs at the pool telling you to rinse off before jumping in? If not, you should start! When you get into a chlorine pool with dry hair, your curls immediately absorb that chlorinated water. Doesn’t sound great, does it? It’s not. In fact, that chlorine can stick around even after you wash your hair. The same goes for saltwater, if the beach is more your scene. By wetting your curls first, and ideally coating them in oil to seal your cuticle, you can help to minimize the amount of chlorine, drying saltwater and other chemicals that can be absorbed into your strands. As for taking care of your summer curls post-swim, watch the video below, featuring Olympic swimmer and LUS (Love Ur Self)-sponsored athlete, Kierra Smith, who walks us through her super-simple pre- and post-swim routine. Hint: it’s only 3 steps. 😉

If you frequently find yourself at the pool or beach, you might notice that your curls become dryer and harder to style as summer goes on. Clarifying can help cleanse your summer curls of any lingering chlorine or salt, and give your hair a fresh start.

3. Take Advantage of Air Drying

For some curly girls, air drying your hair can take hours. And when you’re dying to get outside and enjoy the sun, those are simply hours that you don’t have to waste! After all, you could be sitting on a patio with an ice cold drink during that time. Thankfully, hot weather changes the air drying game, because you can just let the outside heat do the work. The hotter it is outside, the faster your curls will air dry. It’s also the perfect way to give your curls a break from heat tools. Of course if you're in a mega-rush, turning to the LUS (Love Ur Self) Dryer & Diffuser is the fastest option. And its airflow of negatively charged ions dries and sets curls in less time with less heat, seriously minimizing any heat damage. It also smoothes hair for reduced frizz, enhanced definition, and shine. To speed up drying time even more, use the LUS (Love Ur Self) T-Shirt Towel to plop your hair and squeeze out excess moisture.

4. Beat the Humidity

With heat often comes humidity, which can leave any curly girl feeling anxious. That’s because the extra moisture in the air absorbs into the hair shaft, causing it to swell and separate from other strands, which is a fancy way of saying: frizz. But don’t let the forecast get you down! Getting into a regular routine with our Deep Condition & Repair will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy, making it less likely to absorb that excess moisture (if it’s already moisturized, it won’t need to!) and frizz up in high humidity. For even more moisture, lightly coat your hair with the LUS (Love Ur Self) Elixir Oil after styling, to help keep water molecules from penetrating the hair shaft and causing frizz.

5. Stay Fresh

All of summer’s best activities are the same ones that make our curls smell, uh, less than fresh. Think: swimming, BBQs, campfires and more. Then pair that with the inevitable daily sweat session that happens when we step outside and…you get the picture (and the scent). The trouble is that washing your hair too frequently to get odours out can dry out your scalp and your strands. So instead of increasing the frequency that you wash your summer curls, try a refresh routine. If you’re using our All-in-One to style your curls, you can reactivate them and freshen up their smell simply by using a spray bottle of water. That’s because our products are water-activated, so all they need to do their thing on day two (and three and four) is a little extra spritzing of H2O. Want to see how it's done? Check out these videos for refresh tips and tricks on different hair types.

Want an even easier way to mask odours? The LUS (Love Ur Self) Hair Perfume is a light mist that’s perfect for freshening up in between wash days. It features our signature scent and infused with aloe vera and provitamin B5 for extra moisture.

6. Keep It Fun

While we love bringing you tips for caring for your summer curls, we also don't want you to spend so much time fretting about your hair that you miss out on all the fun stuff! Expecting to be frizz-free 24/7 or having perfect curls post-swim is a lot of pressure to put on you and your curls, and at the end of the day, summer is meant to be enjoyed! Just make sure that when you're slapping on your sunscreen before you head out, you give your curls a little TLC, too!

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