Low Maintenance Hair For Moms: 13 Busy Mamas Tell Us Why They Love LUS (Love Ur Self)

Low Maintenance Hair For Moms: 13 Busy Mamas Tell Us Why They Love LUS (Love Ur Self)

 To kick off Mother's May (our celebration of moms all month-long!) read what 13 busy mamas have to say about why LUS (Love Ur Self) is their go-to when it comes to low-maintenance hair for moms—without ever compromising on the curl results they want.


We know that being a mom is hard work, so we want to make taking care of (and loving!) your curls as easy as possible. A pared-down curl routine is possible thanks to our ultra-simple and effective curly hair products, like our cult fav 3-Step System that's customized for all curl types, our Deep Condition & Repair that repairs dry and damaged hair and starts to work in just minutes, and our do-it-all Elixir Oil for hair, skin, nails and scalp.

But besides the fact that we want our products to add ease to your curl routine so you can free up some precious time to spend with your little (or no longer so little!) ones, our self-love messages means that along with helping you love your curls, we want to help you teach your kids to love theirs, too. Ready to be seriously inspired? Read why 13 busy mamas turn to LUS (Love Ur Self) for low maintenance hair for moms that doesn't compromise on results—ever.  

It makes my curls look healthy in much less time than other conditioning treatments. As a mom of two littles, I don't get to take long showers!

- Jenna S.
When I was a child, my mom loved my curls and would patiently style my hair, but I longed for straight hair. Thanks to LUS (Love Ur Self), I’m learning to love the waves that I despised my whole life. I wish my mom could see me now.

Ronda S.

I love my wavy hair now! I rarely have a bad hair day anymore. Plus, being a mom, it makes getting out the door so much faster.

- Megan C.
My 10-year-old daughter is finally embracing her curls, thanks to LUS (Love Ur Self). Her hair looks healthy and shiny, and smells great, too. No more tangles in the morning! Happy kid, happy mom!

Rosa S.

I’m a new mom whose hair just went through several changes. I was dreading having to rediscover a hair regimen that would work and not break the bank but LUS (Love Ur Self) made it simple and easy.

-Courtney F.
My little one started to make comments about how she wished she had straight hair like mine, which would just kill me. I desperately wanted her to feel confident so I ordered LUS (Love Ur Self) products. My daughter’s life has been changed forever and it's all thanks to LUS (Love Ur Self)!

-Kelsey E.
Being a mom of two young children, I don't have a lot of time to spare. After watching a few how-to videos and using the product regularly, my curls are tighter and more defined, and they last a lot longer.

-Karyn M.
It’s been 2 days since I first used LUS (Love Ur Self) and my hair still smells (and feels) like a million bucks, even though my 2-month-old puked on it last night. Thank you for creating these game-changing products.

Kyshana W.

I started using LUS (Love Ur Self) on maternity leave and convinced my mom to try the products, too. I’m so excited to now help my daughter love her curls from a young age, by raising her in a family of women who are confident about their hair. This product has changed generations of women’s confidence!

-Danielle L.
I’m a busy mom of three and don’t have time to mess with my hair a lot. This is the happiest I’ve been with my hair’s health and appearance in my life!
Mary M.

I wish LUS (Love Ur Self) was around when I was a kid so my mom could have taught me how to take care of my curls.

-Ifetayo A.
Recently I've been encouraging my 9-year-old daughter to embrace her curls, and she asked why I straightened my own hair every day. I knew it was time to walk the walk. With my very first use, I was hooked on LUS (Love Ur Self)! Now my styling time is down to 5 minutes. My curls are lightweight, defined and soft.

-Vanessa F.
My daughter finally loves her curls!!! LUS (Love Ur Self) has transformed her hair! Her curls are so healthy, moisturized, and beautifully defined. My daughter has so much more confidence, and that makes my momma heart so happy!

-Hope F.

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