Long Curly Hair vs. Short Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair vs. Short Curly Hair

Most curly girls with long hair simply cannot imagine themselves with short hair. In fact, even their annual "trim" causes them anxiety. For some reason, those with length simply don't think they would be "as beautiful" with short hair. Or they fear their hair will get "too pouffy" and would be impossible to manage. We're here to tell you that you couldn't be further from the truth!

A major cut (or "Big Chop" as it has been termed in the natural hair community) is daunting for any hair type, but when it comes to curls, there lingers that extra thought: how much shrinkage will I have once I get rid of this length and weight?

So...does having curly hair restrict us in our choices of hair length/style? Or if our hair is already short, are we less inclined to wear our hair naturally curly?

If you want to be the ALL real you, don’t be afraid of the ALL. We shouldn’t be limiting our desired look just because of a particular hair type that we were born with. If you can wear your hair EXACTLY the way that you want it, you can love yourself for EXACTLY how you are. There is no partiality to the real you. It’s everything and anything that makes you the happiest you can be. So if you have curly hair, don't be afraid of managing it at a short length. LUS (Love Ur Self) is here to give you more reasons to love yourself.

It’s as easy as searching the Internet and Bam!  There it is, all the many many options on how to manage curly hair at any length (thank you Pinterest!) Now let’s say that you would like to pick from the many options on the internet. Here are some things that you would want to keep in mind:


When choosing a short, curly hair management "strategy" (cause yes, there is some pre-planning and prep involved) you must be willing to commit to it long enough to see results. You can’t simply expect miracles after a week. So when choosing, make sure that you are willing to give your new do some time to grow on you.

Don’t just think about length:

If you are trying to figure out how to best treat your short, curly hair, you can’t be limited by the length. You should consider the many other factors that are part of your short hairstyle. Some examples are bangs and styling. After all, you may be looking for a way to best pin back short curly hair, or simply searching for a working method on short curly bangs. This is definitely a way to narrow down your searches.

Now, this very blog might have been one of your search results, so of course we are not just going to leave you with internet search tips :). So we'd also like to give you some inspiration and motivation for embracing your new short beautiful do: 

      1. Start by forgetting the image of frizzy hair suddenly taking over if you decide to cut your curly hair short. This default image simply needs to be erased. Try to replace those thoughts with images of your new look, and how you will be able to enjoy a nice change to your style. Now that’s exciting. It’s worth a SMILE.

love your big curls
      1. It takes times to truly appreciate a new look. So give yourself some time with your future short, curly hair until you learn that it’s not as scary as you imagined. In fact most curlies who have taken a plunge with the "Big Chop" report that they actually love their short style even more than they did the long. YAY!

      2. There are so many ways that you can style short curly hair, so ultimately you are LIMITLESS and UNSTOPPABLE with those gorgeous locks. We recommend you turn to the IG and Pinterest curl community for support and styling tips!

      3. You will never know until you try. You must be willing to experience new things. Just remember that short or long, you are embracing the exact same hair type: your beautiful curls. How can a haircut change that?

      4. Don’t forget that LUS (Love Ur Self) is here to help. The Love Ur Curls line is your friend at any length. Short or long, your curly hair is simply beautiful.

It’s best that we end this with a simple reminder: it's just hair! And hair grows, so don’t worry. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and embrace short curly hair for a while. Don’t create a list of potential challenges. If short is what you desire, then go for it! The ALL real you is waiting for that extra affection.

And if you still need a little extra push, check out one of our own brand ambassadors and curly girl favourites @myfrecklesandcurls.  She has the most beautiful short red curl style we've ever seen! And she rocks it like no one's business. So we were shocked when she shared these "before" pix of herself with long curly hair....


And here is a great grid showing her rapid hair growth!

And our favourite. Like she says... #HeadFullOfRoses!

So there you have it. Love Ur Self and let your true beauty shine through! When you've got it, you've simply got it. And long or short....you will rock it!  Just make sure you follow LUS (Love Ur Self) and the beautiful Carol on Instagram: @myfrecklesandcurls and @lusbrands and share your new do with us too!

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