10 Best Curly Hair Halloween Costumes

10 Best Curly Hair Halloween Costumes

The scary part of Halloween shouldn’t be trying to figure out what you’re gonna do with your hair, that's why we’ve put together a list of awesome costume ideas that don't involve wigs, flat irons or hair glue. 🙅🏽

Queue the scary music and dim the lights...it's almost time for Halloween!

This is one of our favourite times of year because it's a chance to let our curls get WILD!! And while there are plenty of scary things about this holiday, trying to figure out what you're gonna do with your hair shouldn't be one of them.

That's why we’ve put together a list of awesome curly costume ideas that don't involve wigs, flat irons or hair glue. 🙅🏽

1. Princess Merida

This is the perfect costume for the care-free curly girl! We love this Disney princess for her daring, courageous character and her mission to be herself!

To nail this look, all you gotta do is find yourself a peasant-style dress and let the curls go free. Use a wash-out hair colour spray or wax to achieve her bright and bold red colour.

2. Cruella de Vil

"If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will." 🎶

Ready to channel your inner villain? Not only was Cruella bad to the bone, but she was also quite the diva and fashionista.

The most iconic part of her style was her half-jet-black and half-snow-white hair, which was always at peak volume.

Pair the hair with a cigarette holder, a simple black dress, some gloves and a faux-fur stole for a cruelty-free Cruella!

3. Fran Fine 'The Nanny'

How many of y'all are old enough to remember 'The Nanny'? Cosmetic saleswoman turned full-time nanny, Fran Fine was infamous for her scandalous (but fabulous) outfits and big curly hair.

Not too mention this costume idea is right in time with the news of a potential reboot (yay!).

So fluff out those curls and find yourself a fashionable mini skirt, some animal print and a killer pair of shoes. Oh...and don't forget her signature laugh. 🤪

4. Hercules' Muses

📸 @kieraplease

Is it just us or were the muses the best part of the Hercules movie?? This costume is perfect if you're dressing up as a group and is super simple to pull off too.

All you'll need is a toga dress, super voluminous hair and BAM! Zero to hero just like that! 💁🏽‍♀️

5. Hocus Pocus

Another amazing throwback that you can do on your own or, better yet, as a group since all three witches rock their own curly dos.

This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the frizz and volume to the max. All you'll need to pull these costumes together is a trip to the bargain store and some heavy eyeliner.

6. Prince

Since the passing of our dearly beloved Prince, there have been a lot of impersonators copying his iconic style. And while others may need to wear a wig for a Prince costume, you, dear curly girl, could surely pull it off without one. 😋

Check out @DiscoCurls’ transformation into the funkiest man you’ve ever seen.

7. Josie & The Pussycats

This is an easy and fun idea that you and your BFFs can pull off at the last minute.

All you'll need are long tails and ears for hats (see what we did there 😅) – it doesn't get easier than that.

Take it to the next level by carrying around some instrument props to really pull it together.

This is a classic costume that you can add your own flavour to. Just take a look at the recent revival of The Pussycats on the show Riverdale, where each member can be seen rocking her curls and cat ears on stage.

8. Carrie Bradshaw

Calling all Sex and the City fans! As curly girls, we can’t help but fall in love with curly-haired leading ladies. Sarah Jessica Parker really worked it, showing us all that you don’t have to flat iron to look fancy.

Carrie may have been all about love and labels on the show, but you don’t have to break the bank to slay her look. In fact, the tutu that Carrie wears in the opening titles was found by Sarah Jessica Parker in a bargain bin for just $5.

The best part about this costume is that you can easily turn it into a group affair with three other friends as Carrie’s BFFs: Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

9. Medusa

Growing up with curly hair means that's it's likely that you're no stranger to your hair attracting all sorts of name calling. Well, we can all thank the kids that teased us for this costume inspo! ✨

Medusa is another fun DIY costume idea that can literally be left entirely up to your own interpretation. You can glam it up goddess style or make it super creepy. Try weaving some bendable wire in your hair to make your curls literally stand on end. Throw in some convincing rubber snakes and you're set.

10. Anything Goes!

📸 @analidialopess

When all is said and done, don't let your hair make you feel limited in what you can do. Halloween is meant to be experimental, and you can adapt any costume to suit you! Maybe the costume you picked doesn't have the same hair texture or hair colour as you but don't be afraid to go ahead and make it your own.

There are sooo many amazing curly costumes out there—this list is just the start!

We can’t wait to see all of YOUR curly Halloween ideas. Follow us on Instagram @lusbrands and tag us #lusbrands so we can see all of your creepy cool looks!!

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